TTN Bruchsal, Germany

Hi all,

I’m happy to invite interested people from Bruchsal (and from anywhere else) to join our new TTN community.

The first 5 outdoor gateways are installed and our next goal is to provide one gateway in each of the town districts.

We want to provide TTN connectivity to (at least but not limited to) all students of our local schools to enable them building their own applications at home, too.

If you want to build your own TTN gateway or TTN application, or willing to provide space, power and Internet connectivity for a hosted gateway or like to support others with their TTN projects or are just interested in IOT stuff we would be happy to get you into our team.

Feel free to send a message to me or an e-mail to ttn(at)amateurfunk-bruchsal(dot)de

See you soon :slight_smile:



welcome ! :sunglasses:

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If you like to get instant updates on our activities please follow us on Twitter @TTN_Bruchsal.

On the 13th of July 2019 our Kickoff Workshop takes place. Together with the amateur radio working group of the Justus-Knecht-Gymnasium in Bruchsal (one of the largest secondary school in our area) we will introduce the TTN to all interested people. The school already announced the event on their website - and of course there is a Meetup announcement, too. Based on a really simple low cost node (BME280, RFM95W, ProMini, USB Serial Converter) we will walk the participants through the complete process of logging in, registering applications and devices and visualizing data. Participants can get the node by reimbursing our out-of-pocket expenses (12€, Students subsidized 5€). Because we are using the computer room of the school the number of participants is limited.


The Kickoff Workshop was successful. Our community grew by 15 contributors and we are already getting offers for new gateway locations in our region. All participants were able to build their sensor board and visualize the data with MyDevice, TagoIO or NodeRed. As this event was a tight and intense introduction, we will now work on a bunch of meetups deepen single aspects like node platforms, sensor integration, gateway building and NodeRed. Stay tuned.



congrats ! :clap::champagne:

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