TTN Canterbury, UK

I would like to announce that TTN Canterbury-UK community has just been initiated. We have a number of gateways that we are currently trialling and, at the same time, seeking suitable mast sites around Kent to deploy them too. Stay tuned for updates!


I’ll be hosting a temporary gateway in Tyler Hill for the coming year!

Awesome, we just put up a permanent one on the School of Computing - so a possibility you might be in range. I have several ready to deploy, we just need to find good mast sites.


Has anything further happened yet?

almost there … :wink:

Hi! Quite a bit of stuff in the background; mostly related to hardware, writing software and discussing access to mast sites. We are working to put in regional coverage, but this requires quite a bit of planning! Feel free to drop in on our slack if you would like to get involved :slight_smile:

My first computer was a Commodore Vic 20. I have absolutely no idea how to ‘drop in on my Slack’ and indeed whether it would harm either of us ?

Hi, our Slack is for instant messaging. You can sign up and access it here:
If you would like to chat in person, our phone number is 01227 816168 and our email is also

i got that far… i cannot sign up as i dont have a address to use ?

it shouldn’t need a email (as most of our users don’t). If you like, ping me an email (the above address) with yours and I’ll send you an invite.

ah yeah, our slack seems to need a domain now. That’s annoying. Here is a link to sign up: