TTN console doen't stop sending downlink message

So to try out the downlink functionality I set a downlink message trough TTN console, but now it won’t stop sending this message after each uplink. Is there a way to stop this?
I already tried sending a new message, making sure the “confirmed” box was unchecked.
TTN just keeps sending the new message.

My last idea is to copy all the keys, EUI’s and adresses, delete the device and then add it again with that info. Would that work (without resetting the device)?

Are you sure you’re seeing your downlink (something with a payload), not some attempt from TTN to send some ADR commands (maybe without an application payload)?

And scheduling set to “replace”? Did you ever have “confirmed” checked? (Don’t if you didn’t.)

Schedule downlink

And the uplink and downlink counters. (And use ttnctl to set those.) But: I’ve never tried it. Deleting stuff in TTN Console is scary…

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