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Version 1.0.5 is a great improvement, fortunately. Any progress to report on the remaining issues?

And I am wondering: since the Lora issue was addressed, what about the bootloader which was supposed to address the same issue - should I revert to the original version, or keep version 2 installed?

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Did you validate that using, e.g., the serial monitor?

True, my gateway rarely needs manual intervention, but it has rebooted itself 522 times just due to the following failing assert, since installing 1.0.5 on July 17th (which is 70 days ago):

LORA: Kick LoRa module with ACK after not acked it for 60s
*** assert ../src/app_lora.c:842:w == size:LORA Uart write should be blocking

(Not every occurrence of the “LORA: Kick LoRa module with ACK after not acked it for 60s” message yields a failing assert. See also GitHub #52.)

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No, I did not - I followed the TTN claim for this release. I probably should have written ‘supposedly addressed’.

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Hello guys!
I have a TTN gateway connected by cable to a 3G router with a weak signal (with lot of surrounding noise). I don’t have any physical access to the gateway but someone to power / unpower it.
The gateway somehow looses the connection to the router. Before rebooting the gateway, the 2nd LED is blinking fast with the first one ON. This means that the internet connection failed. We suspect that this comes from the poor 3G signal strength.
After rebooting, all LEDs are ON and the data transfer too. Then, it stops after a few hours.
I don’t know the flashed firmware version. Is there a mean to get it remotely?

Do you know how to solve this connection problem?

  • yes that’s possible

  • you could check the firmwareversion

where xxxxx is you gw eui

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Thank you for your help !

Here is what I get for the platform field :
“The Things Gateway v1 - BL r1-7167873a (2017-06-02T13:48:18Z) - Firmware v1.0.5-fa89b993 (2018-07-17T08:11:52Z)”

Ok, so let’s assume that the problem comes from my 3G connection that is not stable.
Is there a way to solve this issue ? A new firmware version ? a beta version ?

Note that before rebooting the gateway, the 2nd LED is blinking fast whereas internet is up and running on the 3G router.

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It seems that the problem comes from the TTN gateway. Could this be related to this problem?

In the same building, I use a dragino gateway and I had the same type of problem. I managed to solve it by doing a periodic restart of the LORA packet forwarder.

Any help would be welcome. This situation is really disastrous for me.


can’t you check the workings of your gateway on a cable connection somewhere ?


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