TTN Newcastle, Australia

So, if I update the frequency on the things network site my gateway will pull that down when it boots?

Yep, like magic. Some gateways will realise eventually even if left on, but a reboot is a good way to kick it into gear.

That depends on the gateway and the software stack installed. Some do, some don’t. What are you using?

Well bugger me. I spent ages last weekend trying to get the thing working. I switched (magically) from AU915 to AS923-925 last night and it worked first try. Now my Arduino thing can talk to the cloud.

For the record it’s a Laird RG191.


The TTN Newcastle & Lake Macquarie Community is officially official!

Congrats to JoshLeask for becoming the latest contributor.

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OK, so just trying to get a LoPy4 connected as a node to Newcastle TTN, and have had it configured to use AU915 and also specifying the channels under that, no luck.

So I should be using AS923, but I’m trying to track down documentation that tells me that the LoPy region AS923 will get the channels for AS923-925:

eg lora = LoRa(mode=LoRa.LORAWAN, region=LoRa.AS923)

Also I have been attempting to connect up on Shortland Esplanade, which should get coverage I think, given the coverage map. I should reach core-electronics-community-1-as923

Yes, the majority of gateways in the community are AS923 (which doesn’t require disabling channels), so you’ll have better luck with that.

Documentation on LoPy and AS923 is thin, so you might be better seeking some ground truths - either The Things Network forums or try to hook up with the guys at Core Electronics. They’ve managed to put a lot of LoPy devices on the local TTN community.

Shortland Esplanade will be an interesting one - if you’re elevated enough to get line of sight it’ll be a cinch, but if you’re in a hollow the significant undulations in the area might make things harder. Next week another gateway is going up in Newcastle Library which might improve things for you too.

Thanks, I’ll give Core a try, also I’ll be in at Wickham on the weekend, so a chance to try a different location

Wow this community is growing fast! There are at least 11 gateways now reporting in with coverage filling out across the region. The network even won the Best Smart City Solution at the NewiAwards on Thursday night!

The network is at the point where participants are no longer coming from the small circle that all know each other. This is fabulous for the network, but means we should grow up just a tad and try to provide some measure of reliability. As a small step in that direction, I’ve been developing this dashboard that’s on display at the default headquarters of the network at Eighteen04 in Newcastle West. Of course there’s a bunch of stuff there, but a good proportion of it is dedicated to monitoring the activity of the gateways in the community.

In addition, there’s a script that triggers an IFTTT applet at 7:30am and 4:30pm each day. It reads the gateway’s “up/down” status, and posts to a Slack channel if any of the gateways are down. I’m wondering if other gateway operators would find it useful if this script posted to #newcastle on the official TTN Slack workspace?

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Got it sorted this morning and can see test data coming through to TTN.
Just a couple of changes required in the config, as well as position. Currently working from 6th floor at Wickham.

Great to hear! New gateway goes up at the library tomorrow. Should give you some nice redundancy.


I am currently setting up a TTN community for Darwin and have a question about sourcing the gateway hardware.
What is the best place to get the hradware for the TTN gateways, I prefer businesses from Australia for obvious reasons.

Thank you.

Core Electronics for the Laird. Elecom for the Multitech.


I’m looking to get into LoRaWAN and am on a very low budget. I see that only verified devices can connect to the network and they must adhere to the right regions. I found the the CubeCell – Dev-Board from China for $30 delivered is this a good starting device which will be compatible with this network?


This one seems to be compatible with your region

Is this dashboard still live?

Alas no, it died along with TheDash. It looked a bit like this.
Screen Shot 2019-05-01 at 11.20.00 am

I tried one of these about a year ago and it worked straight out of the box. Just choose the 900Mhz version.

What is the consensus on a frequency plan for the Newcastle region, I plan to migrate my gateway from AS920-923 to AU915 later this year when I move to the recently released V3 stack.

What frequency plans are other gateways in the area running on and do you have any plans to move them over?

The Newcastle & Lake Macquarie community will adopt the national consensus, which is set to be established tonight. As you’ve already discovered, this topic is being debated right now, and a pretty clear consensus is emerging: