Turbo TBS-200

guys please dont give up on me, i have a response after placing a magnet( from subwoofer) on it. This the data i got

what does this mean?

Just to be sure you know: this is just a TTN Community forum, not some professional support.

The data format is described in the first manual.

Also, you will need to find a way to disable the confirmation that the device requests: with the TTN Community network you’re only allowed 10 such confirmations per day, so that would limit the uplinks to 10 per day as well. I cannot quickly find that in the manual, so please ask your provider about that.

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  1. Nodes do not connect to a gateway, a node transmits and any gateway within RF range receives and forwards it to the LoRaWAN backend.
  2. This is the TTN forum where people are using hundreds of different types of nodes. For some node types there aren’t other forum users (yet) sharing their experiences.

We’re not giving up, but we are not on-line 24x7. We are TTN users and have lives besides trying to answer questions on this forum…

You node is connected to TTN and transmits data. However it seems the acknowledgment is not always received. Is your node too close to the gateway?

yes very close

@youmue, please see the blunt message in the RAKwireless forum about posting in two places.

I suggest you carry on with this thread.

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Put it at least 25m away, it not, behind a brick wall 5m away.

Thank you guys for everything youve been really helpful, now i have to go read about “payload decoding”. if i have any problem ofcourse ill be back with a new topic. Again am grateful!

As mentioned Battery lifetime is 5 Years, on what basis it has been calculated, How many message/events per day etc ?


Paging Arjan, paging Arjan, please Google for manufacturers data sheet, read it and post answer …


Hi @descartes, thanks for sharing. Actually I have read the document prior to posting the query but i just want confirmation so posted this query, because i saw information varies from document to document like data sheet, user manual for e.g. Tx Power, battery life time etc.
Thank you once again :slight_smile: .

It would save the volunteers time if you’d said this in the first place.

My reading of the docs is that it does not support IN - but the first port of call for anything like this is the manufacturer.

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