Using AS920-923 (AS1) in Australia instead of AU915-928, failed to connect end-device to TTN v3


I have been trying to connect the end device (Strega Emitter) to the TTN v3 (Community Edition) and I am from Australia. On TTN v3 side I am using:

Frequency Plan: Asia 920-923 Mhz (used by TTN Australia).
Not using Frequency Plan: AU915-928 because my end device doesn’t support it.

I have been using private LoRaWAN, configuring R3000 LG LoRaWAN Gateway as UDP Packet Forwarder.

I have registered the end device from the LoRaWAN Device Repository. With OTAA activation mode and end device config ADR: off, DR: 2, Class: A operation.

It appears, the end device doesn’t send uplink messages continuously. It sends a few periodic uplink messages and again performs a join procedure. Join procedure is not reliable.

I have been continuously in contact with my end node and gateway supplier to check if there are any issues from their end. I have been constantly doing firmware updates and checking gateway logs. So far it seems like issues are not on their end.

I have added extra channels in the gateway and TTS following the AS920-923 (AS1) frequency plan as well.
I have confirmed the RX1 delay in the end device. The end device rewrites the Rx1_delay as the value set in the desired RX1 delay.

I believe I have checked the possible points of bugs. Does anybody have any insight why the join procedure is not being reliable? Is it because of the frequency plan: Asia 920-923 Mhz (AS1) and should I select a different frequency plan in the TTN v3 console? Is the issue associated with gateway?

I have gone through some posts of forum as well but couldn’t get exact answer to my query.


Some confusion here - you state you are using a private instance - why the references to TTN(V3 & associated infrastructure/console)?
If private you can set you own band decision - just make sure its supported and same at both GW, NS & end node and h/w supports. If using TTN then you need to follow the TTN AU freq plan(s)

Much discussed here:

And especially & more recently here:

Last time I looked whilst both continue I thought there was a growing concensus for AU915 but I guess been out of touch lately on that. As you say if your device doesnt support then maybe only AU923 an option - suggest double check with vendor(s) as may just be a firmware/config option vs major h/w issue.