VCC output failure in deep sleep mode

Hello, my name is Nori Abe, from Japan. I’m trying to transfer my
end-node into sleep mode. I think it does. But it seems not to stop
VCC output.

I used this code from Dragino git-hub. it is not the entire code, but
part of it.

// Entering Sleeping Mode

void Sleep_avr(){
set_sleep_mode(SLEEP_MODE_PWR_DOWN ); // set up sleep mode
sleep_mode(); // entering sleep mode

Do I miss anything? Maybe missing VCC output disabling command…
If so how can I do it?

And could you tell me the meaning of “OFF ACD”?

If I should ask Dragino, please say so.

Thank you,

Its not clear what question you are asking, you cannot turn off VCC with a bit of software.

And could you tell me the meaning of “OFF ACD”?

Its ADC, and ADC is the Analogue Digital Converter.

If I should ask Dragino, please say so.

I think that library code is for point to point LoRa, so maybe you should ask them, this is a support forum for TTN.

Please format your post for readability if you are going to post code.


Thank you for your suggetion. I’m sorry I’m quite new on this forum.
I’ll keep in mind your hint.
Anyway thank you.

Lora Tracker,
It’s clearly says “ACD.” You mean it’s a typo?

Thank you,

Missed that, so I put that line into Google and it reports its the Analogue Comparator.

LoRa Tracker,

Thank you, I appreciate it.