Webhook pending and payload formatter

Hi @Jeff-UK , I am a newbie. I really appreciate the feedback from the community.
The initial setup was R711, but for some reason, after my son dropped it is not sending data. In trying to resolve the problem, I did setup R809 that I have at home. My plan is to setup both sensors.
I appreciate from the community, I have learned a lot in this short time.
Cayenne setup does not require application ID. The only thing required was DevEUI which I provided.

I am still searching for solution: It seems that I am not the only one that had this problem:

Only my problem did not persist even after changing device. Data is going from TTN to Cayenne.
Appreciate the support.

Just to be clear, I can’t see anything in the Netvox info base that says it supports CayenneLPP and the payload above matches their documentation and, as I said, is not LPP.

So overall, I’d stop, as you need a device that does do LPP to work with Cayenne.

Not everything on Cayenne/MyDevices is using C.LPP - they also work with vendors to support their specific payloads (e.g. I have Laird sensors where some are LPP and some using one of the Laird protocol/payloads). If you look at the available dropdown list of sensors on Cayenne under LoRa/TheThingsNetwork the Netvox Power Controller(s) appear to be supported items:

So getting this working with TTN & Cayenne ‘should’ be easy - a 2min exercise if nothing messed up and details set correctly! :wink:

@fto Per earlier I would focus on getting the R711 working correctly 1st - if dropped have batteries popped out of holder or a connector pulled out etc… fix that then move on…

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