Wireless-Road GW-08 Orange Pi Zero based multichannel gateway

Has anyone had any experience with the Wireless-Road GW-08, Orange Pi Zero based gateway?

I am looking at using a few of these as the basis for economical temporary, mobile gateways for a new project.
I will need to configure them for use on AU915.



It seems that on August 6th, one was connected to TTN:


@tuftec: any experience to report with this gateway? Price is very interesting.


I use the Wireless Road gateway for testing and demonstration purposes.
I carry it around in my van and use it to demonstrate my LoRa devices to potential clients etc.
I have not attempted to test it for range at this point.

It works just fine for providing a gateway in locations that do not normally have any local TTN coverage.

It is small enough to easily carry around. I just built it into a little plastic box for convenience.