Wiring RPI Pico with Adafruit RFM9x LoRa Radio

Thank you. So in this case I need to provide the C code to connect the radio. Do I understand it correctly?

Yes but no - if you read the documentation & the board support file for LMIC-node you will see what the connections are set by default OR you can change them to what you have already connected if they are different.

Please consider that we are all volunteers here and I’m sure that like you find with your students, when people ask questions without any prior learning which leaves them without the foundational skills required, or don’t do any research based on responses & just fire off another question, it can become very tricky to know how to proceed.

I started out my LoRaWAN journey with LMIC and in the end read all of the source code to understand how it all fitted together. LMIC-node is an implementation example / wrapper that is incredibly well documented and tested. Please respect the person who spent hundreds of hours putting it together by going through the documentation with a highlighter to check off the bits you have done/read/implemented and look at the bits you haven’t.

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You are right. Thank you very much. I need to invest more time on this. Sorry for giving you the impression of not respecting your time. Cheers