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Posted on April 18, 2017

8 Hours


This story presents a solution where the owner of a LoRaWAN gateway gets access to his LoRaWAN gateway trough an internet connection that does not provide portforwarding for SSH or HTTP access.

It is not the objective of this publication to present a receipe for a complete solution that can be implemented anywhere whithout adaptation.

A word of warning: The presented solution creates one hell of a Trojan for the host that was so willing to share his internet connection with you. As you will see it will be easy to access the network of your host because you just eliminated all his protection like NAT and Firewalls. Therefore a strong advice: Be 100% transparent to your host about what you do. Tell him about the risks of this solution or you might risk being kicked off that great high location that you wanted so desperately for the TTN network.

Using a VPN solution like OpenVPN requires knowledge or the ability to push trough and learn about OpenVPN. There are many good publications about OpenVPN that allow to successfully implement OpenVPN. The article can be a reference with directions where the information can be found that lead to the solution presented.