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Our mission is to provide the northern Part of Schleswig-Holstein (here it's called Southern Schleswig) with Internet of Things data connectivity by crowdsourcing the network by its citizens and local companies.

The idea to establish an own TTN Community that has it's origin in the Freifunk SL-FL Community and we found our home in the great network knit by FreiFunk.

We’re a continuously growing...

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The Core Team of Schleswig consists of:

And 15 contributors.

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We're going to be more European ....

No only that our community has placed again some more gateways, thre're also located over borders in different countries. We think, this a very goo...

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8... the number of the day

we're a small community ....but capable, aren't we ;-)
What a motivation to do much more!

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Meetup today... here comes ...

Today (Friday, January the 12th) at 6pm we will meet together with Freifunk Schleswig-Flensburg at the Hotel Hohenzollern in Schleswig.
It's the st...

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Six (!!) Gateways online ... great is this development :-) We're on a steady course on our way to bring the net to the people!

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Fall...the best time to div...

...into TTN.
Today we had the chance to discuss our efforts to let grow our community.
Many ideas for new hardware and the right way to communicate...

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After a long more or less q...

...I got a package of several weather sensors ;-)
More data for our network!

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More Gateways...

A few days ago there were some pcbs laying on my workbench. And now, only a few days later, the bunch of parts (some of them are really really tiny...

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The 5th Gateway....

... for our TTN Schleswig network is now on its way! After a long journey through the German customs maze it finally found the way to my workshop. ...

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More gateways ?!

Yeah, we need more! But inbetween we can help out with small single channel gateways - just for experimentation and to get more experience.

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Really 4 ?????

That's so great!!! We have 4 running gateways! Now let's fill up the gaps :-)

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As a reminder.... can meet (some of) our community at the weekend HACK event in Flensburg. It will take place from Friday 30/6 until Sunday 2/7.
Hope 2 c u h...

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...comes allways with very helpful prototyping "hardware"! Thanks for that ;-)

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Long see!

But that doesn't mean that nothing happens ;-) We're driving our projects and we're learning a lot. Thanks to the inspiration we got from the big I...

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Bringing all knowledge....

...together in our GitLab repository !

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... wired things seems wierd! But with the right philosophy you'll find the right way: Think.....AGAIN!

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And again ....

it seems very quiet here.... some "hardware issues" do need my very attention. But be sure, we're working on infrastructure and sensortech.

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Sometimes....'s the right idea to chill and relax to find new ideas and real great inventions :-)

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The next step.... done: we're now not just 9 contributors! No! To describe how many enthusiasts work together on our goal to connect the ..... world you now ne...

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Some ways have ....

....obstacles ;-) So I need a proper workaround to find the mistake !
Hope it's not between my ears....

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New stuff

really can't wait to play around .....

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...sticker to spread the message and to leave a bigger and sustainable footprint ;-)

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We're growing....

....that's so great! Welcome schleifunker!Step by step our community is getting bigger and together we're on our way to connect Southern Schleswig ...

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TTN Schleswig in the press

And now the article is also online!

SHZ Netzwelt 06/05/17

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First over regional press r...

....yesterday some of us had the chance to talk to a very open (source :-)) minded journalist (thx Anja Christiansen)
and today I found an article...

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At the moment... seems that's a bit quiet here. But we're concentrating on our projects and future plans. Every idea is welcome and of course every new contr...

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Deploying our Ideas

Now we're on GitLab! Also a great space to work together and to share our ideas ......
Here we are

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Celbration part three!!!

We're official!!!
That's soooooo great.....thanks to all contributors and enthusiasts!
We' re ready and on our way to support Southern Schleswig wi...

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The first meetup'

The first meetup! The whole core team came together. A great success because first plans get a structure and a perspective. Small but steady steps ...

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Celebration part two :-D

Let's unleash TTN Schleswig and let's also be an important part of the Freifunk SL-FL community.
Together we build a great IoT infrastructure for t...

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Cebration part one ;-)

first things first....'s a great honour to welcome our 8th member and contributor :-) The next step is clicking this blue button to be an of...

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Hardware upgrade for the Sc...

Just got the backplane from Tindie (Thx Gonzalo for the great support!) for the DIY Gateway . A little soldering and drilling and IP 54 casing and ...

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One more reason to celebrat...

It's a great honour for me to welcome our 7th member and contributor! We're making a good progress and grow continously.
The path is clear - we're ...

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Here the first node will pr...

Simple dht sensor will (hopefully) provide its data ...
I'll keep u informed.

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Wow !!!!

hey....we're growing so fast! Great!
Welcome to our new contributors and TTN enthusiasts!
Let's connect SL-FL together!!!!

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2nd Gateway!!!!

We got our 2nd Gateway.... and so we're only a few steps away from being a full community!
So let's celebrate a little :-)

Wir h...

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And again a new member!!!!

We got the 4th member! Great and much more welcome!!!!
The Schleswig Community is growing and developing in a very positve way..... let's go on!


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Hangout with Rish

Had just a very nice Hangout with Rish, one of the TTN guys! It was a great opportunity to explain at which stage we are and what we're doing. Rish...

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Hurra!!! The 2nd contributo...

.....and a very warm welcome to the 2nd contributor! Let's build the net together :-)

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Freifunk SL-FL gibt TTN Sch...

Und so findet die bisher winzige TTN Community in Schleswig eine Heimat im Freifunk SL-FL
Danke für die Gastfreundschaft :-)

And so the tiny TTN Co...

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Now also on Twitter.....

.... @TTNSchleswig

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Let's start

With the start of our community page I hope that many other enthusiasts will find the way to the TTN Network.
So I'm looking forward....

come an...

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Isn‘t that great.... the TTN idea is connecting people across borders in our community! So come on, don‘t hesitate.…
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