This documentation page applies to the legacy Things Network Stack V2. Documentation for The Things Stack V3 is available here

OpenSensors Integration

The OpenSensors integration allows you to publish uplink data to the OpenSensors broker.

OpenSensors is a real time data exchange for the internet of things, called ‘Twitter for Sensors’ by Their mission is to make data generated from IoT useful and accessible.

Go to for more information.

OpenSensors Example

How to Setup OpenSensors

  1. Find your API key
  2. Create a new device and get the device’s Client ID and password. This will serve as a proxy for all devices in your The Things Network application. The Client ID is a numeric value. Note that the password will be shown only once, although you can easily reset it by clicking Reset password.

Create the Integration

In the The Things Network Console you will be asked to enter the four following settings:

  1. Your username
  2. The API Key from your profile
  3. The Client ID of the proxy device
  4. The device password of the proxy device

Device uplinks will be published to topics in the form users/<opensensors-username>/<ttn-device-id>. The topics will be created automatically. The payload contains the decoded payload and the raw field with the base64 encoded raw payload. Note that this may overwrite an existing raw field that is output of your decoder or converter payload function.

Example published payload:

  "celcius": 25.19,
  "light": 759,
  "raw": "MDJGODAyMDcwMThB",
  "sound": 473