400 new gateways in northern Germany in one strike

Glad to announce, that the northern german government spent more than 400 Gateways for the community.

Have a look here:


That looks amazing - like mapping Walhalla!
I found e.g. this link that says that there are 422 - initially connected to TTN, later to be transferred to closed private network (sad!!!)

Do you have any details on what model gateway / how they are installed? Can’t find that on mister Google.

We started with arround 410 to 420 Gateways. Might be some more. Everything flows…

No! The gateways will definitely stay in TTN! We plan to connect them ALSO to a closed network for government things.

The gateways are mainly from Kerlink and some are from Multitech.

The government plans to fill the gaps with Kerlink gateways.



Saw this:

A total of 422 gateways are to be installed in Schleswig-Holstein. The gateways are scheduled to go live in “mid-January 2024” and will initially be connected to an existing open Internet of Things (IoT) network. The gateways will later be transferred to a closed network for local authorities and government agencies, for example.


Sounds hopeful - sadly starting open then moving to close more prevelent than the other way around! :frowning:

By “Also” is intent to peer (e.g. via PacketBroker) to private, which LNS will have control (attempting to connect GW’s to multiple LNS is fraught and usually impractical!)?

Think the picture shows total GW population - as per TTNMapper - vs ‘just’ the SH-NETZ deployments so not quite so impactful as may be implied but impressive none the less! (Think atleast one of mine is also captured in the picture - Osdorf Hamburg!) :rofl:

Pity only just going live as was over in e.g. Hamburg/Lubeck/Ratzeburg/Valluhn/Witterburg/Schwerin area late summer mapping TTN and some test GW deployments :man_shrugging:

Might make for an interesting run next time (Should back be in Bremen/Hamburg/Kaltenkirsch/Elmshorn/Norderstedt/Altona Areas again Late Feb/ March so will be sure to fire up a few trackers en route :wink: )

The translation sucks.

Here is the original press release from the government.

Zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt wird die Gateway-Infrastruktur an ein geschlossenes Verwaltungs-Netzwerk angeschlossen, das unter anderem von Kommunen und Behörden genutzt wird.

Let me (Google) translate it:
At a later date, the gateway infrastructure will be connected to a closed administration network that will be used by municipalities and authorities, among others.

And beleive me, the minister of digitalization and the CTO of Schleswig-Holstein are absoulute Opensource and Opendata friends!

Happily often the case in Germany :slight_smile: :+1:

I’m not sure this helps.

The gateway infrastructure is a closed administration network already - unless someone has posted the TTN credentials on a website somewhere. And what do municipalities & authorities think they’d do with access to the gateway consoles, play PacMan?

It can be on a private instance or TTN and peer between the two and then anyone, the public, municipalities & authorities, can deploy a device on a private instance that peers with the gateway instance (or TTN if they are still on TTN) or put a device on TTN.

The original statement looks like someone was feeling sad about the size of their job role or car or body parts and needed to big up something that is so fantastically simple that they broke the concept by leaving people in doubt as to whether such sharing will either happen, is happening and/or will remain happening.

Given that government is funded by the taxes of the people, putting them on TTN with full peering to PacketBroker and giving selected community reps the ability to access the console to help with local coverage, mapping & DIY device creation would send a message about communities organising monitoring of the things that are of importance to them.

Whatever the future - congratulations on such a large undertaking with as of right now a lot better coverage of the state SH! Hopefully it’ll enable a lot of citizen’s science and stick around for much longer :smiley:

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