9K GW's :-)

Though I saw it hit 9000 before the weekend - certainly high 8900’s, but missed taking screen grab

Now >9000 GW’s live simultaneously for 1st Time? :tada:

Goal - 10K by year end? :slight_smile: :thinking: :champagne:

@wienkegiezeman @rish1 @laurens



haha sharp! 12K at the next conference!


:thinking: …I would bet against you! :slight_smile:

I don’t know whether the count of active Gateways has ever reached 10K, but if not then it can’t be far off now. On Friday I saw it peak at around 9960 before it dropped back down.

Am monitoring all but daily just waiting :slight_smile: …Like you I saw active gateway count hit >9950 recently after a short fall off perhaps around Thanksgiving in US - sometimes backend/console issues seem to cause the number to drop off also so guess we need to catch it on a good day :wink:

Am hopeful we will see it breached in next week esp if some missing UK units come back online and hopefully sustaining over 10k by year end…