A dashboard with all GPS trackers on one map

I have a question. When we query GPS trackers, we access each individual end device and display the location. Is it possible to display a map showing all end devices by name (not the End Device ID)??? Thank you.
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Build your own dashboard

Thanks Johan,
If I knew how to do it, I wouldn’t have made this request. Can this be achieved using the TTN portal or can you provide specific information? Thanks rbney

Have spent odd time looking at IoT Wonderland (see the TTN “Webhook” Integrations list) aka lorawonderland.com (fun keeping that domain I guess if L-A or Semtech pick up on it!), aka Copernicus Tech IoT Wonderland Platform - Copernicus Docs ) over last approx. 6-9 months. I was recommended to give it a try after the myDevices/Cayenne community site shut down last summer :frowning: - which had been my previous go to for quick sensor/tracker demoes etc.

You will be dependent (for now) on their list of supported trackers - haven’t figured out how to add alternates without asking directly (*) though they stepped up and did a decoder/option for the original Semtech/iMST LoRaMOTES/trackers when I asked/suggested.

Frankly felt a bit late Alpha/early Beta in use and wasnt a totally smooth experience but when it worked it worked well wrt basic Tracker dashboard presentation & ability to choose time period for review - YMMV.

One of its strengths was option to select which of your trackers you could see on screen at any given time/period - note not suited for real time tracking/asset location - TTN FUP still applies!!!

Example (shows 3 devices in play):

(*) I added a Dragino LGT-92 but didnt show correctly - suspect may be due to age/firmware/decoder version on my old device!..though I could see the data sent to the site captured in their database, even if not presented on dashboard.

Same with a few other trackers - including a new version I have been testing for one of the TTN community members - (with no supported decoders) - could see data in account and could then download seperately but no option for actual display.

Sometimes found myself logged into developer branch vs master branch - quick url edit would fix that when it happened.

Like I say a bit early yet and dont think ready for prime time but a good experimenting tool. I noted that 2 of the 3 Motes stopped showing late Feb but 3rd carried on - havent had time to raise support issue and investigate as other tasks/projects in the way! Finally saw the last Mote drop late March. Interestingly though not showing on display could still capture the GPS data for offline processing elsewhere so suspect it was brokem link from database to dashboard presentation… will raise with their support once I have time to commit & can get back into it.

Give it a try and see how you get on!? (then feedback here?)

Last one I did was with FreeBoard + Leaflet.js plugin + web hook in PHP + mySQL database + JavaScript for client side data mangling.

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flutter_map: ^6.1.0
sqflite: ^2.3.0
InfluxDB 1.8

Ok guys @Johan_Scheepers @descartes sounds like there is the basis of atleast one Things Network Labs story/how too in there somewhere!(*) - well volunteered :slight_smile: :innocent:


(*) I know they have a low profile these days (not even linked from main site anymore :frowning: ) and are not so often updated or added to anymore but they were and early basis for community info sharing and knowledge distribution so still a valid option for know how dissemination…