A gateway eui is already registered

hi, i currently trying to add my gateway to the things network console but i cant register it due to error. it said that

“code”: 6,
“message”: “error:pkg/identityserver:gateway_eui_taken (a gateway with EUI A84041FFFF1F9328 is already registered (by you or someone else) as a84041ffff1f9328)”,
“details”: [
@type”: “type.googleapis.com/ttn.lorawan.v3.ErrorDetails”,
“namespace”: “pkg/identityserver”,
“name”: “gateway_eui_taken”,
“message_format”: “a gateway with EUI {gateway_eui} is already registered (by you or someone else) as {gateway_id}”,
“attributes”: {
“administrative_contact”: “venus”,
“gateway_eui”: “A84041FFFF1F9328”,
“gateway_id”: “a84041ffff1f9328”
“correlation_id”: “9d0205717347447bbfe167d37eba45cb”,
“code”: 6

what can i do to fix the problem, please help me since i’m new to this. my device is dragino DLSO28

Do you mean DLOS8?
…and have you searched the forum? GW-EUI and GW-ID already registered is a regular issue, especially if prior attempt(s) made (then deleted or not) or if item was used by someone else prior (Device provinence).

Also do you recognise who user @venus might be?

I see that EUI & ID used for device registered under AS923 frq plan - now showing offline - guess as you have it and its unpowered; with descriptions

“Visitor_Assistance_GW” &

“visitor assistance GPS tracker and health monitoring”

If that helps you recognise history?!

i already tried some of the solution provided in the forum and none of it works. I also don’t recognize the user venus since this gateway is provided to me by my lecturer. Is there any way for me to register the gateway?

the gateway is powered on and i already connect it to my wifi

It won’t do. It’s already registered with its EUI of which, like me, there can be only one.

So you either change the gateway EUI which may be possible using the web interface on it or you contact your lecturer and ask him to ask “Venus” to unregister the gateway at their end.

okay i will ask my lecturer about it, thanks. One last question, is it possible to just change the gateway EUI in case my lecturer forgot about the person who use the gateway?

Read my middle sentence

okay thank you