A TTN, TTIG and Arduino MKR WAN 1310 all walk into a bar

Hello Forum,

I don’t know if I have an Arduino, TTIG or TTN problem or maybe a combination of them. I’m a tutorials guy and following this one step by step… https://docs.arduino.cc/tutorials/mkr-wan-1310/the-
Arduino - Something went wrong
TTIG Overview

I set up the TTIG, the LED is glowing steady green and it says it’s “connected” on the TTN.

I started an application on TTN too.

The Arduino MKR WAN 1310 is a meter away from the TTIG and is failing to connect to the TTN.

If anyone has a suggestion as to what might be wrong please tell me. 3 screen shots attached.
TTN Application (MKR-WAN-1310)

I changed the operating frequency of the Arduino code on line 27 from “EU868” to “US915” but it is still not connecting.

Far too close….they are shouting in each other’s ears…… min reasonable to move you from near field to farfield comms is 3m but that is often too close depending on design implementation, so for reliability we suggest 5-10m pref with an absorber in between such as a wall or window……once you see traffic in gw console look to get signals < -60dbm…… once you have experience and resolved initial debug issues you may find you can push that up to the -45 to -50 range, but right now you need to eliminate front end overload and channel leakage as probable source of say failing to join under OTAA, etc.

A TTN, TTIG and Arduino MKR WAN 1310 all walk into a bar but couldn’t hear themselves think as they were all shouting and it was far too noisy!

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Hi Jeff-UK… Ah, the bar is loud and everyone is shouting.
Good news. I followed your suggestion and moved the gateway to an upstairs room and now the MKR 1310 connects. Thank you so much and if you were local, I’d buy you a drink!

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My kind of bar! :slight_smile:

Perhaps if we find ourselves at a common TTN event in the future?! :wink: (TT Conf September?) I would look forward to it…

In Amsterdam? That would be very cool!!!

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