Abeeway Micro tracker follow up

I tried to use the code, pasted here in the board and unfortunately I have no programming knowledge. Thougt it would be easier just tu use the TTN…
The code dosn’t bring back useful position data, but brings an error:
Error(“json: unsupported value: NaN”)

Is there an update enabeling the use of an Abeeway Microtracker somewhere ?

Thank you.

To parphrase Churchill, that is an exception wrapping an enigma contained in an encoded phyPayload… but perhaps there is an {app/nw}skey?

Could you perhaps restate the question with a bit more context?

Hi @JoergHu, I think that the “update” you are looking for is easily found by searching on the forum for “abeeway”. There is a topic…

The ever-generous @arjanvanb shares a full working payload decoder.

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