About LoRa Concentration Chip

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I need some help about LoRa Concentration. Can you just tell me the main diffrence between SX1255 and SX1257 along with SX1301 and SX1308 chip.
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The SX125x is the RF front end with the 57 & 55 targeting different frequency bands - for 868/915/923Mhz deployments the 57 is used, for lower bands e.g 169/433Mhz the 55 is used. The received RF signal is passed over an I/Q interface to the base band processor and FSK/LoRa Demodulator/Modem which is the SX130x. The 1301 was the original device and is spec’ed -45-+85 and is widely used. The Sx1308 is a ‘lower cost’ reduced spec version still offering full 8 Channel support but with a little less sensitivity (on paper) and a much reduced temp range - 0-70 deg c. This was introduced to provide the basis for the lower cost micro/indoor GW’s - e.g. TTIG, Dragino LPS8, RAK 7528 etc. Recently Semtech announced a new 1302 but that isnt yet out in production GW’s. It introduced support for SF5 & 6 to match the newer SX126x node transceivers. It also has improve clocking and core voltage implementations, along with the use of a newer silicon geometry all contributing to a more power efficient and overall lower power design desipite the fact that it adds a 2nd bank of LoRa modems, though operating on a reduce range of SF’s (up to SF10). Expect to see production GW’s using this perhaps 1H’20.

If you need more details GIYF & look at the Semtech Datasheets/Product Briefs…its all in there, with high level points called out in main features

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