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This subcategory is to discuss setting up TTN in Kathmandu, Nepal! You can discuss gathering a team, Kathmandu specific problems and technical issues.

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hi there, thanks…
sebastian buttrich was here and talked about IoT and TTN in much detail. i hope i can post this message. have been getting some issues in the community pages.

Hi again,

I have setup the twitter account for TTN KTM Nepal. Link is https://twitter.com/KtmTtn. How do I link this to the Kathmandu community page? Or do I request you to do this?



Hi there :slight_smile:

the current core team of the kathmandu community has permission to edit the page - you d need to contact them/him, and preferably become part of the core team - which you de-facto are.

i tried to link the twitter account, but it seems that I don’t have permission to edit kathmandu community page…i wanted to edit the ‘Contact’ entry as too

==> [quote=“sebastianb, post:4, topic:115”]
core team of the kathmandu community
[/quote] has those permissions.

hello all
i wanted to know the frequency band that works in Nepal. i’m currently planning on running few gateways / nodes in my city of lalitpur. how do i get incentivized? does it work with helium?
please reply