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This subcategory is to discuss setting up TTN in Malaysia! You can discuss gathering a team, Malaysia specific problems and technical issues.

Singapore and Malaysia - one always motivates the other. I will/am looking for possible initiators for Kuala Lumpur. Will send them here. Johor (Iskandar), Cyberjaya and Penang are other Malaysia cities that could soon follow.

Thanks Tom for creating this.

@Brendan, I am the initiator of Kuala Lumpur campaign. Glad to hear that there is someone in Malaysia/Singapore joining this community too.

I have a gateway with me now and I am trying to set it up to send some ‘hello world’ packets to the InfluxDB.

How are you guys doing in Singapore?

@Tom @boon Excellent! Great to see you here and with a Node already!

SG -We had our first meetup last week, we are probably going to wait till we meet again with new parties before making the commitment for Nodes as we will probably go with perhaps more than one now and other from Kickstarter for later.

Is just Myself and Suresh who is in Singapore (he’s technical). I am helping to raise awareness and bring more people together, I have contacted some press and coordinating some meeting with possible sponsors such as tech accelerators. Are you attending the Cloud Expo Asia in SG next week?

We discussed application ideas regarding water monitoring for mosquitoes (Dengue) and another idea for the region about flash flood detection warning system. Apps ideas are plentiful with many good examples being hatched in this forum each day it seems. I would like to be able to help people to set up and create development communities around their Nodes (why I am speaking to accelerators) so we can actually get these into service. I also contacted a gaming development community in SG, I think the prospects for gamification in the future over community based networks will be interesting.

How are you set up? Do you have any team members yet? Whats your vision for your initiative?

Are you on LinkedIn if so you can connect / email brendan@triggerpush.com



Please let me know if there is anything I can help you with. Looking Forward!

@Brendan, at the moment, the KL team just consists of me and Hudson. We have a gateway and a node here, and we are trying to set the gateway up to send some ‘hello world’ packets to the TTN’s network/server. The gateway will eventually placed in south-east part of KL and the locals are free to use it.
We are planning to contact some of the local companies, people, forums and accelerators to let them know about TTN. Hope this will get more people joining the community.

The water monitoring application sounds cool! We have quite worrying dengue situation here in Malaysia too (more than 300 dengue fevers reported daily in Malaysia!). One of the main causes of dengue fever in KL is the water accumulated in the construction sites (especially with current MRT works going around Klang Valley). I think it would be really beneficial to have this application especially for the South-East Asia countries. I guess it would grab a lot of media attentions too.

For us in KL, we are planning to tackle some of the issues here. The first thing in our mind is air pollution monitoring system(sorry, if I remind you about the air pollution…)!!! We have rather outdated air pollution monitoring system and I guess it would be really useful to have a better and up-to-date system.

I am not attending the Cloud Expo Asia I am afraid. But I think it would be really nice to meet you guys one day.

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@boon @SureshAyyavoo @flavio

OK wonderful! Smart Water measurement this thread has a good discussion on these topics, it would be good if we could collectively continue down the path of this discovery. Following up on that, I am becoming more attracted to the idea of computer vision detections. My concern with drone investments is the rate of technical acceleration, the rate of miniaturization and the component prices of sensors et’all are also shrinking. It’s makes us need to think hard. Lets say today you begin a long pitch for drones through the gatekeepers… it’s very likely by current technology trends that by the time you were ready to sign the papers… the pricing and the plan itself will likely look uncompetitive and outdated by new alternatives. Or shortly will become so, it’s not so easy to reiterate a fleet of drones, maintenance programs and control systems than it is to do an OTO update to all the inexpensive ‘maintenance free’ (multi-sensor) optic devices around the city. I do see drones working in this environment, just not exclusively.

My thoughts on air pollution detection is, yes, but it does not solve any problems really, it sounds good, but time maybe better spent where you can make more of a positive effect? We know when it’s hazy, we know the seasons, we get the warnings and they already measure it and it mostly comes from Indonesia. I do agree there are improvements to be had here but they can do little to effect any changes. However flood monitoring is something that you certainly could save lives with. There are certain problem areas, related to blocked drain-ways these can be monitored to remain obstruction free and can be monitored for rising waters (with the exact same optic devices you use for the dengue problem, detection patterns are OTA updated and self refining). Advance notice is the biggest issues with floods, there is really no reason why Malaysia should not have better systems for this already, again we know where it happens, under what conditions it happens and who is at risk.

Another one that is absolutely insanely frustrating is the poor water services, this is a challenge for many cities and towns. There is inadequate monitoring, inadequate notice given of planned or known supply disruptions or water use conservation actions… it’s honestly a ridiculous situation. I went 2 weeks without water in Damansara! I lived in a Pehang where we were lucky to average water supply about 4 or 5 days a week over a year and a half I was there, and everyone thought it was just normal. Consider this, In Canada, where I grew up, the ground freezes to about 6ft deep. If a pipe anywhere with water in it freezes, it will burst the pipe, even if copper. I asked my Dad about how often he went without water supply, he said in 40 years, he never experienced a day without water. This is largely solvable in Malaysia.

Monitoring for supply should be easy, perhaps small devices that can be stuck to certain supply lines and junctions that passively (magnetic resonance or ultrasound or something) can detect if a pipe has lost water. Problem is, no one likes to talk about the water supply problem, especially those responsible, if they say ‘solution’ they infer there is a problem, and they don’t like to admit that, that’s part of why nothing improves. When we go forward with ideas to improve things for people with technology, we often realize they are most often people problems that technology can not immediately effect. I don’t say this to suggest you are not aware, nor is this situation in anyway exclusive to Malaysia… but now perhaps is an appropriate time to keep it in mind.

Another good approach it to the Uni and college Campus my wife has this idea and as a former teacher has contacts and perhaps this is something we can collaborate on as well. Will see if she moves on it and let you know.

The last thing I wanted to mention is in regards to KL, SG TTN, we could collaborate and produce some standard collateral such as a press kit, nothing big and corporate just professional borrowing from what already exists at TTN, ready to send to anyone, leveraging the TTN brand identity as a benefit and the alliance between SG and MY /TTN and we cover what you do and what you want to do, how you do it and who you are looking for (initiators other cities , developers, social media advocates etc…). And we do the same?


@Brendan, cool idea about the flood monitoring. You just remind me about a Oxford-based startup company called Love Hz and they have deploy a similar network for flood detection ( http://www.love-hz.com/oxford-flood-network ).

One of the concerns during the hazy time is that the parents are confused with the measured API. The hazy condition looked quite bad but the API aren’t high enough to get the government to close the school. Most of the schools in Malaysia do not have air conditioning and students are forced to open the windows even it is hazy out there. This is more or less equal to outdoor. I had a chance to visit a private paediatric (my son was ill) and the crowd there was huge. You could imagine what happened to the public hospital. Perhaps, we could have a better monitoring system for this? Well, it does not save lifes but I am sure it is something beneficial to the local community and it shouldn’t be left behind.

I have contacted some people in Malaysia and trying to get more people to contribute their ideas and thoughts in this forum.

@boon ( @flavio ) @SureshAyyavoo - I have received research documentation from a Technology Institute Principal in India who is developing projects with a student body of 600. He has forwarded me research into a quadcopter and passive radiation detection (and they now work on the pot holes detection). I think their radiation research explicitly says it is convertible to pollution detection. Email me for a copy. brendan@triggerpush.com

I do not disagree that improved air monitoring will help, and man I feel you… I have seen the inside of these public hospitals and have been fighting my way through the haze … I do wish the situation could be improved.

Hi. I am Jan in Kuala Lumpur. How can I join/help?

Hi. I am jan geirnaert . Belgian in kuala lumpur. Were can I buy a LoRa gateway.

I am here in KL

Hi there. Are you guys still active? I’m in Penang now. Any activities going on?

Hi @traphix, I’m new to TTN. Whats up. :grin:

Hi all. I’m new to TTN. Currently residing in Shah Alam and working in KL. Would like to experiment more with Lora and IOT.

Hello, I’m Faizal in Cyberjaya… looking forward to meet everyone…

Hi… im at selangor and i bought a gateway 433Mhz and Wifi Lora 32 (V2) 433Mhz, where should i modified in the coding to change the frequency to 923Mhz??

Unfortunately that is not a change which can be made by software. The hardware must be manufactured for the correct frequency from the start.

Hello I am trying to connect my dragino lora shield to ttn v3 but i am unable to use the public gateway around gardens mall. What frequency is it running on?

I am using the Dragino LoRa/GPS Shield to be precise

Hello there. I am currently working on a project trying to connect to that specific gateway as well. May I know if you were able to connect to it? By the way, I have contacted the owners of the gateway, it is using the AU Server on FSB2. That’s all they told me.