ABP downlink frame counter issue after resetting the node

How can I reset the downlink framecounter for a node that uses ABP activation?

This is for testing purposes.

(Reset Frame Counters is enabled for the device.)

Mmm, I tried to reset the node several times (even with some 8 minutes in between), which reset the uplink frame counter to 0 but the downlink frame counter just kept incrementing.

Some moment later I reset the node again and suddenly the downlink frame counter was reset to 0 again (as expected).

When I reset the node again, e.g. after 20 seconds the downlink counter also starts at 0 again.



ttn-lw-cli end-devices set [application-id] [device-id] --session.last-a-f-cnt-down 0


Is there a way with the TTN-Console?


Ok, i found a hook box “Enable reset frame counter”!