Account suspended and I can't delete devices, gateways and applications

I have my account suspended by one person of support service.
That person stopped talk to me after my company decided migrate our account.
All devices that I had in my account still working and I have no possibility to delete them.
OTAA codes, Network session Keys…
How could I recovery access to remove my devices from server?

Best Regards.

The vast majority of people on the forum are users of TTN and answer on a voluntary basis, no one here has any access to anything other there own TTN stuff.

If you have an issue with TTI support you will have to raise it with TTI.

Hi, Descartes.
Thank you for answer.
Our account is (or was) in TTN.
Could you help me with this?
Do you know who can I ask for help to?

No, not a bit, I’m a forum user that helps out with moderation of forum content, I am not a staff member.

As above, you need to speak to TTI via the contact details on the TTI website.

That’s all I know.

Paging @rish1 for possible assistance …. Was TTN implementation (& account set up) migrated to a TTI instance?

I have spent last week trying to solve it with him.
He won’t answer me.

Thanks, Jeff

On vacation?

This matter has been referred to TTI who are the only people that can help you.

Hi all, access for this account has been given back.

A bit of context which perhaps was missing from the conversation -

  • EMITELEGESTION has been using the community network for their own commercial use case for over 2 years. Last year we started reached out to notify them to move to Cloud or open source option.
  • After almost 9 months of following up, there was no response after which their account was limited.

Thanks for follow up and explaination Rish :slight_smile: We had kinda assumed/suspected is was a ‘heavy use’ based migration away from Community network, but not clear if migrated to alternate TTS base or another provider/own solution - even so expectation would be access to old account to ‘release’ old devices to retain use/ownership and even facilitate the migration. Looks like restrictions served their purpose?! :wink:

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But not if they don’t want to engage in a business like manner.

If access is not restricted, they can just carry on regardless.

Hopefully this OP will respect the trust that @rish1 has shown them.

And that they are grateful that data continued to flow - otherwise they’d really know what pain was when their customers started asking what was going on.

And I’ll relist this so that @rish1 and community members can point this situation out for those that choose to ignore the polite enquiries of the TTI team which lead to a difficult situation.

And for anyone who uses a commercial service that is hosted on TTN, they should be asking their service provider what they are doing to migrate to a supported service.

Additional, if you find this post because you think forum members can be nagged in to turning things back on, please be assured that this is not the channel to achieve your goals.