"Add forum topic" button on un-unleashed community not working

We’re stuck trying to link the forum post to our community page as the button to add the forum topic does not seem to do anything. In the console one can see it throws a 403 error. We tried different browsers, computers and networks with the same result.

We had similar issues with adding the Slack link with the interface and that didn’t work, but for Slack there’s also a control in the community dashboard.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Which button? This one?:-

Where is you topic? Which community?

Yup, exactly that one

Have you populated the forum topic to the left?

Looking at your history I assume this one?

You’re right, it’s that one


I did populate the field. And it stays there, but if I leave the community page and then come back it’s gone.

On the dashboard try adding a new resource - use Forum for title and use your campaign post url as the link…alternatively you can go further down and simply replace the generic Forum url with your specific campaign post link :slight_smile:

BTW when on the dashboard you can also go to General → Our Story and change the header image - that will replace the generic ‘distant misty city’ view used on your community front page top header :wink: (depending on the image you use system will typically take an approx 1/3rd//2 mid image ‘slice’ for presentation…)

Whoaaa, excellent! Thanks for the hint, that did it! I made a new resource with the Forum title.

Now on to looking for a nice image for our header :smiley:

BTW Whilst I think it great that you guys are actively driving a new community I noticed you are on the outskirts of Bucarest (Bucuresti, sorry!), where there is already a substancial and active community with many members and gateway coverage. As ever in “community” its local initiative that matters but there is a lot to be said for the (Dave Metcalf) Network effect of scale & value. If Bucarest is set with a radius of say 15km or even 20km, rather than the 10/12km default, then you would easily fall under that (Many of the Magurele GW’s on your page are actually the Bucarest GW’s of old) and have a greater scope for collaboration, events etc. I notice that TTN Core member @adrianmares is a member there too, (get him in as a guest speaker for community events/launch!!! :wink: ) which might help give you inside advantage :wink: In fact a bit suprised given the size of TTNB that it is not yet declared an official community having hit scope wrt # of members, gws etc (Another one @rish1 ?).

By almeans stay local if you want to retain a separate identity & initiative but perhaps merge to get that scale?

I refreshed and see your two Forum links just fine - perhaps change the title of the top one to Forum- Magurele ? to differentiate.


Well done :slight_smile:

Indeed we are very close and while I work in Magurele the GW I have at home is in Bucharest. The main reason I decided to initiate a community is for the identity that I expect would get people (including authorities and local research institutes) more excited to grow a network that they can more closely relate to. Plus I can’t deny my vanity – I really wanted the “initiator” title :smiley:

But you are right, collaboration is key and I happen to know a couple of guys from the Bucharest Core Team, so I can’t wait to get their input.

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