Add gateway, claim gateway

You do not write what is what.
i have added my older Kickstarter TTN Gateway now to V3, but it doesn’t get connected.
I contrast what does to claim gateway. I’m not familiar with e wording “claim” as well as what this does.

Where can I get information about adding and claiming gateway to understand what to do. With V3 coming up I failed with everything here. With V2 my gateway worked very well.

It wasnt well explained early on but it should now be clear that “Claiming” is the process used for the TTIG (not T(K)GW) which uses BasicStation as its core packetforwarder/GW-LNS communications protocol and where the device configuration details are held on and set up by and configured from a 3rd Party (Semtech!) server. To establish the TTIG in TTS (CE) aka TTN V3 you need to go through the claiming process, whereby the details you enter in the console are used by the TTI infrastructure to contact the external CUPS server and claim the device and associated configuration settings.

Hallo Jeff,
can I claim a GW from TTN to TTI?
I am looking for documentation about cross process between TTI and TTN for join process and data transmission.
I have found that new devices registered in TTI can join via OTAA only if the GW is registered as TTI,
After joining is successfull also a community GW can receive the messages.
if I have no TTI gateway active then the joining process will not work.
other way around for TTN device and application that cannot use TTI GW to join and send data.
(technical info: account on TTI with registered DLSO8 gateway, TTN with DSLO8 gateway, using LSN50*V2 nodes in both cases. switching them manually on/off to see what happen…)