Adding a gateway

Hello. I’ve just started using TTN.
I added two days ago a LG01-N Dragino gateway and did all the necessary configuration but the status remains “disconnected”. I can’t find the real problem.

What did you setup in the dragino Web interface? Recently the server address of the things network changed due to the upgrade to the things network v3.

Perhaps your dragino manual still uses the old address.

id gateway

I also tried to use the Gateway ID “mydragino-gateway1” in the configuration instead of “0840411d18504150” but didn’t work either

I think under lorawan raw forwarder you can select a server or the things network right?

Single Channel Packet Forwarders are not gateways, they are a legacy configuration on low cost hardware that is expressly not supported or discussed on the TTN forum and we ask that you disconnect it immediately as they cause considerable disruption to the network.

A simple search of the part number would bring up lots of discussion about why these are a bad thing and if you look at the Dragino product page it clearly says it is not suitable for LoRaWAN use. It is therefore doubly bad that you took up peoples time without doing even a modicum of research.

I used the official guide of the single channel IoT kit and it clearly showed how to add a gateway on TTN (page 15,16 and 17)
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I am sorry but I still can’t figure out what is the wrong thing I did .

The wrong thing you did was trying to justify older documentation when you’ve been clearly told that this is a product that’s not suited, as stated by the manufacturer on their product page, doesn’t work, is not supported or wanted here and harms others.

If you knew more, you’d also understand that those instructions are for the v2 stack and that is no longer available to register.

Return this device to your sales outlet - it is not much more to have a full compliant 8 channel gateway.