Adding Application with specific AppEUI

(Dimmy) #1

I’ve got some devices with hardcoded Appkey, AppEUI and DevEUI.
I’ve got all the information, and when i run my gateway in Network Server mode I can see the data coming in from devices (meaning information i have matches credentials in the device).
However, when i create an Application on TTN and add to it my own AppEUI (00-13-7A-10-00-00-00-00), I cannot get the devices to connect.

I’ve tried this on a few different devices, ones that allow me to use any AppEUI+Appkey+DevEUI all of those devices work fine if they use AppEUI generated automatically by TTN(e.g. 70-B3-D5-7E-D0-01-28-47), but no matter what i do they wont work with a modified AppEUI.

Any thoughts?
PS: brand of devices Netvox.

(Dimmy) #2

Tried getting my App to use AppEUI #2 (the one that is hardset by manufacturer of devices i use) - getting an error…
Tried using default AppEUI- works,…tried using 3rd AppEUI - generated by TTN as well - works…


Did you ever find a solution for that? I am considering purchasing a Netvox device for use in the United States with TTN but am not sure if it’d work.

(Sensormu) #4

How can you know which AppEUI are included in your device?