Adding Fullscreen Option to TTN Map Webpage

I am a regular user of the TTN map webpage and often display the map as large as possible to show individuals the number of gateway in the local area. I do understand that the map is setup using Leaflet, which has multiple plugins available that allow you to add a fullscreen button:

Link to plugins:

Adding this small feature would mean that user of TTN could display the map fullscreen without any of the borders surrounding the map.


Hey mate, I agree it would be great, for the interim you can try my map also it has full screen option, also location search and a few other extras I gathered from the data, data is automatically updated every night.



Hey Adam,

Brilliant job mate. This is exactly what I am looking for.


Hello Adam and Lachlan and many thanks for your posts!
Actually, I was looking exactly for the same fullscreen option and, since the linked page is no longer working, I started a browser inspection of the TTN homepage. Finally, I figured out the TTN map section and the magic link to open it in fullscreen mode:
Moreover, to zoom in and out you can double click and shift+double click (not always working) respectively. Enjoy!!


Yep, shame the Power BI visualisation doesn’t work anymore. Had some really good statistics.

Thanks for that mate, what I was looking for all along.