Adeunis LoRaWAN Temp Sensor Payload Formatter

i have bought a Adeunis LoRaWAN Temp Sensor (Dual external temperature sensor | Adeunis).
I have added it to the ttn, but now i need a payload formatter.
I have tried out the formatter from Codec-ui-app but when i paste it to ttn, there is a warnig: “Formatter code must have less than 40960 characters”

what can i do? Can you help me?

best regards

Decode it in your application

i have tried it with the same error

You are sending the data on via a webhook or MQTT to your application? (out side of TTN)

Somethin like this - GitHub - JohanScheepers/Node-Red-Decoder_Lora: Project is aimed to use the Node-Red to decode TTN raw data

I have the same problem with the formatter from Adeunis for my Pulse3. Had you find a smaler formatter?