ADR behaviour on V3 - does not increase rate

After migration of my 1st test device to V3 stack I had the impression, that ADR does not work reliably as in V2. So I debugged this further. Am I wrong or do we have a problem here?
In the example the transmission conditions are very good, TX and RX SNR are above 8.

After OTAA join I send a 1st confirmed message and receive an ADR request. That is new in V3, but fine:
link_adr_req: dataRate=5 txPower=15 chMask=00ff chMaskCntl=0 nbTrans=1

That is confirmed from my device in next uplink (after further ADR requests as well):
link_adr_ans: powerOK=true dataRateOK=true channelMaskOK=true

Then the device sends some unconfirmed frames with DR5/SF7, all is fine. Before frame 6 I set manually the rate to SF10. With the downlink I receive immediately an ADR req, but only to change the power:
link_adr_req: dataRate=15 txPower=4 chMask=00ff chMaskCntl=0 nbTrans=1

The device continues to send uplinks and receives with frame 7 an ADR request again:
link_adr_req: dataRate=15 txPower=7 chMask=00ff chMaskCntl=0 nbTrans=1

Of course that request is confirmed in frame 8:
link_adr_ans: powerOK=true dataRateOK=true channelMaskOK=true

The rate stays at SF10, when I increase to SF11 or SF12 the behaviour is the same. After more than 100 unconfirmed uplinks there was no rate adjustment.

When I read the ADR parameter via TTN-CLI I see:

“network_server_address”: “”,
“mac_settings”: {
“mac_state”: {
“current_parameters”: {
“adr_data_rate_index”: 5
“desired_parameters”: {
“adr_data_rate_index”: 5
“last_adr_change_f_cnt_up”: 8

So it seems that the network assumes the wrong currently used parameters.

When I overwrite the current_settings with:
ttn-lw-cli dev set ... --mac-state.current-parameters.adr-data-rate-index 2
the networks sends an expected ADR request:
link_adr_req: dataRate=5 txPower=0 chMask=00ff chMaskCntl=0 nbTrans=1

In my opinion the network should always update the current data rate parameter for ADR calculations from last received frame. Or how ADR is expected to work?

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Could you be clearer about exactly what you receive?

15 does not appear to be a legal value for the upper nibble of the DataRate_TXPower byte in any region I can see.

Also what is your region?

I use region EU863-870 and I receive the value 15, which is according to the LoRaWAN standard 1.0.4 (at least, I did not look into 1.1) a valid value:

The value 0xF (decimal 15) of either DataRate or TXPower means that the end-device SHALL ignore that field and keep the current parameter values.

Interesting, that seems to be a change since 1.03

…and not a very logical one, as giving the value again would not cost anything more.

I will probably have to investigate further what the special conditions are for me. I can’t imagine, that ADR won’t work in general.

Here are my problem with ADR:
The Node change Sf from SF7 to SF 10 and then the connection is lost! Normaly every 10 minutes a packet is send!

Name Date /Time SF SNR RSSI
mk-cc12-hdc1080 2021-06-05T01:36:02.263459Z 8 -11,5 -132
mk-cc12-hdc1080 2021-06-05T01:46:02.545560Z 9 -12,8 -133
mk-cc12-hdc1080 2021-06-05T01:55:43.952969Z 10 -14 -119
mk-cc12-hdc1080 2021-06-05T02:06:06.332550Z 10 -12,5 -134

LoRa MAC 1.02

Greetings E_T