ADR, RX1 & RX2 settings

Hey all,
I’ve noticed something I cannot explain to myself easily and I need your help

It’s related to the RX1 and RX2 settings. Please see the pic and let me know your opinion.
I don’t think that’s bad at all - in fact, it allows the devices to consume less energy.
But I see that with other NS, the behaviour of the device is quite different.
The device is not yet LoRaWAN Certified, but passes all the tests from the LCTT (LoRaWAN Certification Test Tool)

I am wondering what are the exact settings for TTN/TTI.

TX on SF11
RX1 on SF8
RX2 on SF9

The device has been configured to use SF12 using the new TTN console.

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It helps if you mention the regional specification this device uses.

And what is the issue you’re not clear on? Only the TTN settings or are there more questions?

Thanks @kersing!
The device is using EU868.

I am wondering what the settings of TTN/TTI are for RX1 and RX2 - I cannot find documentation on the subject.

It’s an OK picture - but too low res to be able see the axis.

Do you have ADR turned on other wise the NS will have to limit your activity on SF11 (& 12) as per LoRaWAN Alliance guidelines - which will also be required for certification.

If you want an opinion on the rest of the content you’ll need to be more specific.

Feel free to explain this so we can compare & contrast for you.

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Standard settings for TTS(CE) (aka V3): RX1: 5, RX2: 6 seconds.
Data rate offset: 0
SF for RX2 depends on your choice when creating a device.

Everything else can be found in the LoRaWAN regional specifications.

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