Air Quality/Environment Sensors?

(Chbla) #1

Hi there,

I’m very interested in the Libelium Smart City/Environment sensors (Air Quality, Particle Matter, etc).
However, they are extremely expensive, especially if a City needs more of them it’s a high entry barrier.

Does anyone know any good alternatives, preferrably calibrated sensors?

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how many sensors do you need, what should be the resolution,what do you want to meassure exactly and what would be the max you (?} would want to pay for them ?

(Jeff Uk) #3

Also do you need certified (FCC/CE/ETSI/RED/IC/UR etc - depends where in the world) production products (if not why not given use case and are you sure devices are socially friendly - spurious emissions, duty-cycle regulated etc.), do you need warranty, do you need tech support, etc. All costs… :wink: (Not defending Libelium or any other vendor as no association but commercial realities are a factor…)

How much work/config/prog do you want to do yourself (or with others)…maker option vs buy in etc…

(Chbla) #4

Of course, I know all these points. It’s for production use (city context), so yes CE certification etc.
I just wanted to get an overview of alternatives, I’m not criticizing Libelium for their pricing.

(Phil Wilko) #9

I think your forum post is a reasonable question.
For particulate matter air quality readings, planttower sensors are pretty cheap, but require integration to a lora transceiver unit. See this forum post for more discussion on this technology.

(Teus) #10

See the MySense Open Source software . There is documentation and software assembled for Air Qual sensors (Dylos, Shiney, Nova, Plantower), different meteo sensors (DHT, Bosch), gas sensors (Alpha, Spec) and GPS. There are two tracks: based on (Lan/Wifi/GPRS) Raspberry Pi and LoRa TTN (Lopy/PyCom and Marvin). Marvin has limited range. A fully equipped Pi based is about 500-750 euro hardware, the Lopy (Plantower,BME680,GPS) is about 75-100 euro on hardware costs (Ali Express). See for info (dutch). There are some other initiatives but they are based on Arduino/ESP hardware and not LoRa TTN.

(Chbla) #11

That’s an interesting project, thanks for the link!
Unfortunately in the City context we need complete - i.e. production ready - solutions with certificate, etc.

Otherwise it’s difficult to convince the stakeholders…