All my gateways went offline at the same time

Hi community,

All my Gateways went offline at the sametime…each in different locatins so i discard network problems.
Did something happened?

I have exactly the same problem. It seems that there is something going on with TTN.

I have tried to connect them to TTN V3 and gateway is connecting fine. It seems that TTN v2 is down.

This is a regular and known problem with V2 Console and will not be fixed as we are transitiong to V3 through 2021. (Use forum search - this occurs often several tuimes per month). Do your applications still see data routed through? If so GW’s are working fine it is just the Console GW page showing incorrect data, I can see several of my own GW’s are now showing offline whilst most others are just fine. They usually restore over time.

No there was no data also…thats why it raised the alarm.
Now 1 min ago all went online again…

Looks like a general issue.
Check out The Things Network Status

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