Almere NL temporary GW's for testing

Was looking for suitable forum category to post to without generating new one but…For anyone in/around Almere area I have temporarily set up a TTIG & one of my RPiZeroW/RAK831 ‘Owl’ GWs about half way up the Best Western Plaza tower north of the central station. Will try to keep them running through to Sunday a.m. 28/7 for anyone to test the art of the possible wrt testing range from here…sadly internal ant only :wink: likely coverage best to north/west hinterland vs in downtown/centre area due to placement.

These two GW’s were previously set up for last ~9/10 days in Midlaren on Groningen/Drentiche Aa border running intermittently but now moved.

Haven’t had chance to test outside yet…tomorrow’s job!..but can see GW’s on line and picked some local test packets just fine…good luck testing :slight_smile: