Android MQTT Client not working "stream terminated by RST_STREAM with error code: PROTOCOL_ERROR


i just want to set uop an Android MQTT Client.
I tested several clients in the google plaground store, but i cant get any connections.

With the PC-Program MQTT-Explorer i can get a connection.

I followed the intruction on the MQTT-Integration side.

I testet the Server with Server:
Port: 1883. and also the IP-Adress

User name is application_id@ttn and password is the API-Key.

What can be the problem?



“name”: “”,
“time”: “2023-02-25T09:14:13.277511820Z”,
“identifiers”: [
“application_ids”: {
“application_id”: “testnewjoin”
“data”: {
@type”: “”,
“message_format”: “stream terminated by RST_STREAM with error code: PROTOCOL_ERROR”,
“correlation_id”: “9f9a72bab6d4450d8edc49d8f7c4e19d”,
“code”: 13
“origin”: “”,
“context”: {
“tenant-id”: “CgN0dG4=”
“visibility”: {
“rights”: [
“unique_id”: “01GT3XKWWXGW3PH3YNR4469GBX”

Have you tried port 8883 and you need to use TLS. And what version MQTT broker are you using?