Antenna Compatibility

I want use panel type external anttena at MKRWan and found Linx ANT-868-PML-UFL for 868MHz. However, at its specs there is no word about Lorawan. Electrical Specifications of this antenna matches without bandwidth(it is 30 MHz) but when I read regional parameters for EU868 it must be 125 kHz. Is that antenna compatible to work with Lorawan ?


The bandwidth usd by the LoRa transmissions 125khz, is not relavent in the context of an antenna that covers the entire frequency range used by EU868.

You can use this antenna for LoRaWAN on 868MHz. The bandwidth of the antenna has nothing to do with the bandwidth of the LoRaWAN-signal.
The bandwidth of the antenna should be large enough to cover all used frequencies.
The antenna has a gain of -2dBi that means 4 dB worse than a simple dipole which is abt. 0.16 m long.
btw: It is rather seldom that a datasheet of an antenna tells the truth concerning gain.

Thank you so much