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This subcategory is to discuss setting up TTN in Antwerpen, Belgium! You can discuss MeetUp’s, (new) projects, specific problems and technical issues.

I will set up a few gateways in the city center and at my Open Garage in Borsbeek, but I’m patiently holding until the kickstarter delivers. Any week now!

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Greetings from Ghent :blush: .

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Greetings from Leuven :slight_smile:
If you’d like to join our community, feel free :
We extensively make use of the WirelessThings gateways around Leuven which are (were) forwarded to the TTN backend.
We work on a use case ‘smart care city Leuven’ - an AAL project.

Succes with your endeavors !

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Very nice! If you need help by building one yourself, I can help :slight_smile:

Is it possible to plan a TTN Antwerpen meetup at your Open Garage in Borsbeek?

Joined! :slight_smile:

We also use the gateways of WT, but are planning to place a lot by ourselves.
We’re still looking for some good usecase(s).



The Port of Antwerp is setting up 8 TTN Gateways to cover the whole port area. 3 are currently up and running, the others will follow soon. Any usecases in the Port area will soon be possible on the TTN network!

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Hi all,

not really Antwerp, but I have a gateway running in Oppuurs (between Sint-Amands and Puurs)


Are they all actually located in the Port of Antwerp?
I have indoor nodes in Brussels and I see packets received by poa-loragw1 on a regular basis, that is 42 km!

time                           channel data_rate dev_id          gtw_id      rssi snr
----                           ------- --------- ------          ------      ---- ---
2018-09-09T01:24:54.179916114Z 1       SF12BW125 bulles-ttg21-01 poa-loragw1 -119 -18.25
2018-09-09T00:24:53.993321486Z 1       SF12BW125 bulles-ttg21-01 poa-loragw1 -118 -18.75
2018-09-08T22:32:53.961822709Z 1       SF12BW125 bulles-ttg21-01 poa-loragw1 -118 -17.75
2018-09-08T22:00:53.795910305Z 1       SF12BW125 bulles-ttg21-01 poa-loragw1 -118 -17.75

They are, all gateways ‘poa-loragwx’ are located in the port of Antwerp.
Maybe your devices should use a lower SF? I’m currently struggling with ADR as well. My of-the-shelf devices (Adeunis and Atim) keep sending data at SF12.

Thanks for confirmation.

I have reach with SF7 as well :wink:

2018-08-12T02:25:07.741270091Z 0       SF7BW125  bulles-ttg21-01   poa-loragw1          -120 -8.25

Of course it is completely unreliable, it is just a few packets per day but it is interesting to see how far it can go.
I guess poa-loragw1 is well located, but my nodes are not, they are just lying on my desk…

Nice to see that Port of Antwerp is expanding their TTN gateways in the open community. We, at Leuven, have rolled out 13 gateways around the city with DingNet for academic research. We are not open as the ThingsIndustries give us a SLA. The goal is to create ‘a proeftuin’ for our students and researchers.

What are your use cases at the port ? I can imagine that a guarantee for availability is important in a harbour. Or is it just for ‘playing’ around and test out loraWAN ?

Wim from Leuven.

In its role as a community builder, the Port of Antwerp wants to provide a playground for innovative projects in the port.
Our own use cases are currently limited to different kinds of asset monitoring.
By the time the use cases become important to the port business we hope to be able to simultaneously support a private network and the open community.

Best regards,
Johan @ Port of Antwerp

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We’re testing with several ‘of-the-shelf’ devices like Adeunis, Atim and Nemeus. All of them have problems with the way ADR is handled by TTN. I also found several (old) forum discussions and even an open issue in github ( Any idea if this issue will be fixed in the near future?

Interesting, I didn’t knew about that issue – I came to the same conclusion with an Arduino device I was testing, and I though the problem was with the Arduino…

Hey All, I’m from the City of Mechelen and we are looking into this option to connect our air quality sensors (
Who could I contact to know more about the options we have in Mechelen? Like do we need more gateways, how can I connect the devices, …


Kr, Gerd

There are contact points on the community page:

Hi all, looks like this topic is pretty old, but still bumping it.
I want to add a Gateway in Edegem and I’m looking into the Dragino DLOS8N outdoor: DLOS8N Outdoor LoRaWAN Gateway

Any pro/con’s about this device? I want to mount it to our chimney at ± 12 above street level.

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