Any LoRaWAN devices for tracking to sub-meter accuracy?

I’m interested in tracking the position of a vehicle within a predefined area. When within that area, I need to know when the vehicle is stationary and be able to detect that 10 times a second. Ideally, I would also like to determine its relative location within the area to within 50cm accuracy. This data will not be used for live analysis. At first glance, I will need a device with an accelerometer. It also seems like WiFi and GPS tracking cannot guarantee anything better than 5m. Are there any LoRaWAN devices capable of more accurate tracking?

Standard GPS will indeed only give you 3-5M accuracy.

Alternative are differential or RTK type GPS systems;

Difficult to see how LoRaWAN\TTN could provide updates 10 times a second.

The best I can think of that comes close to your requirements is a standard muti-constellation GPS tracker with accelerometer like this one: Oyster for LoRaWAN® | Digital Matter

LoRaWAN is a communications system, like WiFi. You appear to be asking for offline accuracy of the GPS unit so your best course of action is to investigate GPS implementations so you can understand the limitations of GPS at the sub-meter accuracy level and if you can find a solution that you can implement, then look for a device that does it.

To frame your expectations, a good 72-channel multi-constellation (so it can hear the US, Russian, EU & Chinese satellites) will typically give you ~2.5m accuracy.

As @jpmeijers has suggested, there is technology that enhances the pure GPS signal via correction signals that typically accessed via the internet. u-Blox’s ZED-F9P & NEO-M8P-2 have implementations.

However the tracker unit will generally need to be within 10km of an RTK station but you can set up one of your own. Update rates are typically 1 per second.

However, if you want to know if something is moving or not, then an accelerometer can do that for you 10 times a second without any bother, and you can then use the GPS to determine location.

Like many of these questions, the context helps a lot so if you can outline what is being tracked, where it goes and why it needs to be within 50cm, we may be able to suggest some concrete solutions.

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