Any new developments set to launch on April 1st?

I’ve been monitoring what little information that’s available about and their first launch which takes place on April 1st, 2019. I’d really like to be an early adopter/tester, build some nodes and test out the service here in the US. Since 2018 I’ve been quite excited about this project and would like to participate.

I’ve tried to reach out several times via their “Get Involved” page but I haven’t heard anything back.

Does anyone here have any additional information about the hardware, software required, etc?

The initial launch for 2019 was schedule for March 14th but was scrubbed and rescheduled for March 21st and later for April 1st. I’m anxious to see this puppy take flight :dog: :rocket:

Here is a countdown:

“Gunter’s Space Page” a pretty awesome space page with detail about the Cubesat

Is anyone else watching this count down?

It would be useful to know the frequecies and settings in use, if the satellite passes over western Europe you ought to hear the satellite part of the data exchange ?

Glad to see you are as excited as we are! Sorry for the lack of response on your inquiries @bryansmith, but we have been overwhelmed getting everything ready for this and the other 3 missions this year.

It will take a little time before our gateway will become operational, and then we start with the testing phase, to fine-tune the system.


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