Any news on LoRaWAN 1.0.4 and 1.1.1, and what is the status of RP002?

In August 2019, a change request was published as an errata for 1.1, “FOpts Encryption, Usage of FCntDwn Errata on the LoRaWAN L2 1.1 Specification”. This would fix an issue that, apparently, made it impossible to implement 1.1. In February I heard that 1.1 would basically not be used, and that for 1.1.1 approval by the Technical Committee may happen during the October 2020 LoRa Alliance All Members Meeting in Boston. But Corona may be to blame that no AMM seems to be scheduled? (Or maybe that website is just not up-to-date.)

(Meanwhile we’ve certainly seen 1.1 devices. I hope all implement that errata.)

Also, if I understand correctly, 1.0.4 was declared final in January 2020 (the 2019 Annual Report says it was completed in 2019), but it’s nowhere to be found on the public resource hub?

And finally: am I right to assume that the February 2020 RP002-1.0.1 LoRaWAN Regional Parameters is leading for 1.0.2 too?

(This is not a complaint, just ever curious!)


The intellectual property review period for 1.0.4 was supposed to end on Sep 9th, so presumably it’ll be published any day now… I’m also eager to hear about the status of 1.1.1.

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Ah, a new RP2-1.0.2 LoRaWAN Regional Parameters has been released publically (dated July 9, 2020):

RP002-1.0.2 has been released and includes support for all versions of the LoRaWAN Layer 2 specification. LoRa-E datarates have been introduced to the EU868, US915 and AU915 regions. Please be informed, LoRa-E is a (FHSS) fast frequency hopping spread spectrum modulation with bit rates ranging from 162bits/s to 7.8bits/s. Only the two lowest data rates 162bits/s and 325bits/s are currently implemented. In addition to many clarifications and editorial work, a new region summary table has been added as a quick reference guide. Support of LoRaWAN operation in Senegal, Montserrat, Mali, Guinea, Syria and Vanuatu was been identified.

It also has a nice table summarizing the “Dynamic Channel Plan Regions”, and likewise for the “Fixed Channel Plan Regions”, and explains what “repeater compatible” means.

5.1 Revision RP002-1.0.2

  • Added a summary table of the regional parameter for all regions except for CN470.
  • “Repeater Compatible” rationale is described (Section 3) and US902-928, AU915-928 and CN470-520 maximum payload sizes for “repeater compatible” operation were amended (relaxed) for data rates which do not support encapsulation (this brings them into harmony with all other regions).
  • LoRa-E data rates added to EU868, US915, AU915. Data rate backoff progression explicitly documented for all regions. Data rate support requirements clarified for all regions.
  • Align the language and descriptions of AS923 Maximum payload size section with that of all the other regions.
  • Added language to all regions to align with new applications of NewChannelReq commands as of TS001-1.1.1.
  • RU864-870 amended to indicate that 16 channels SHALL be supported. This was believed to have been an editorial oversight.
  • Senegal (EU868), Montserrat (AU915), Mali (EU433), Guinea (EU433), Senegal (EU868), Syria (EU433, EU868, AS923-3) and Vanuatu (IN865 & AS923-3) added to cross-reference table
  • Israel and Morocco cross-reference table entries modified
  • Added a Channel Index ID to the Channel Plan Common Name Table
  • Added AS923-1,-2,-3 to the Channel Plan Common Name Table
  • Defined CLASS_B_RESP_TIMEOUT and CLASS_C_RESP_TIMEOUT (used in TS001-1.0.4 and later)

Ah, is a 403 Forbidden now, and I don’t think that offers a different URL right now. Maybe they’re still trying to agree on the zeroes in RP[00]2. :wink:

1.0.4 has been released October 28th. It’s an archive holding multiple documents; unfortunately it seems there’s no longer a direct link to single PDF documents, which would made linking easier.

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Hi, Can anyone with the information or a lorawan alliance member shed some light on the release of v1.1.1 spec?

The official mouthpiece for the LA specs is …the LA! - have you checked for latest releases there? If not annonced then I’m not sure that an LA member can pre-announce here without breaching NDA’s etc. :wink: Just sayin’

It may be that if you can find recent presentations (industry events etc.) by authorised spokes-people and presenters it may be you can discern hints as to approx./planned timescales for new releases on roadmap…

I know :). LA doesn’t announce the date of release nor the the status of specs, like final draft or under review, etc. In the past people have disclosed the status of v1.0.4 before any official LA announcement. So I am hoping for something along those lines.