Any suggestion for industrial grade push button?

Hi, I am looking to buy a LoRa enabled industrial grade push button end device to put in a machine equipment room. My minimum requirements are to record time stamps when the button is pressed/pushed. Cost & durability of the button are key, an example would be a stop button on an escalator or other machine. Other sensors such as temperature, humidity and/CO2 could be included but not essential.
The Things Node has a push button but is not suitable for the environment or rugged enough for the way it will be used. TIA, Tony

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The elevator stop button is just a button. Only the context around it makes it do something useful.
Your question and the requirements are not clear (enough).

The elevator stop button is not a good example because LoRaWAN is not suitable for and should never be used for (life)critical systems.

This is some example of an industrial grade push button:
But like for the elevator button any logic and LoRaWAN connectivity will have to be added separately.


Thanks. The image you posted is the sort of thing I am after. I don’t intend to use it with an escalator or as part of a critical system I merely wanted people to be able to visualise it.
I don’t want to have to add a LoRa transceiver to it as I will be deploying around a hundred. Are you aware of buttons out there?

I’m not aware of any such buttons but people from the @TheThingsNetwork or The Things Industries might.

And keep in mind that the environmental conditions in the machine rooms should be such that the LoRaWAN signals from the button (node/enddevice) are able to reach any LoRaWAN gateway.

There are quite a few button devices with Sigfox, see[categories][0]=device&or[sensors.type][0]=button&or[availability][0]=available&q=&limit=48&page=0

Many have an ip67 rating.

You could check these vendors and see if they also have a LoRaWAN version. The Sigfox site does not advertise LoRaWAN support, but many device vendors use radios that support both Sigfox and LoRaWAN.

Hi @SmartEaling, take a look at:

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