Anyone in for an overregional meetup in the middle of Germany?

[Schleswig] …let’s start! What’s about an overregional meetup somewhere in the middle of Germany ?!


Na, flüstert Dir der Brain auf deiner Schulter wieder Weltherrschaftspläne ins Ohr? :grin:

Lass uns erst mal in unserem Bereich mehr Mitstreiter gewinnen.


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this community portal is in English pls :sunglasses:

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Hiho @BoRRoZ

And this categorie caled what? … Germany=Deutschland

Why not a Categorie in germanspeaking?

Sorry for my english.

About: Wrong thread. This was the right one: About the Germany category


We are the middle of germany hust or we think we are :wink:

We have some events coming up:

Of course you are invited to just come and visit us on those days even if you just want to get to know other people doing cool stuff with TTN in germany.


I know this topic is old. But the topic is interesting as as before. We could also meet in Erfurt right next to the A4 and the ICE-tracks Berlin-Munich or Leipzig-Frankfurt. A nice place would be the Bytespeicher. It’s the local hackerspace and owns also a TTN Gateway ready to hack :slight_smile:

Ist ein nächstes Treffen in Hennef/Bonn oder i. d. nähe Koblenz (Mitte Deutschland) schon geplant, ich denke an den kommenden Herbst vielleicht ?
Bin fisch zertifizierter Digital Botschafter des Landes RLP und würde in mein Interessengebiet sehr gut passen.

Danke und liebe Grüße

  • 17.Juli OK-Lab / Code for Bonn/Rhein-Sieg Meetup in BonnLab ( (includes the TTN communities)

    1. Juli Meetup in Hennef Machwerk e.V. (but its a building site atm, because we add some drywall walls to the site) (includes Freifunk & TTN community)
    1. & 11. Aug FrOSCon ( in St. Augustin at the HBRS, we (Freie Netzwerker e.V.) got a community booth there and welcome all people from different civic tech communities, specially Freifunk, TTN/LoRaWAN and OK-Lab/CodeForGermany members are welcome to code, hack and talk to us and with each other - there is a advanced LoRaWAN session (held by me) as well, but most sessions are about open source software. I know atm from people from Nukleon e.V. (Flensburg) and from TTN Ulm who will attend, and from all over NRW are people coming as well.
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