Anyone setup an Adeunis Pulse LoRawan node?

(Enicaltd) #1

Anyone successfully set up an Adeunis ARF8046PA pulse node?

Instructions say it is OTAA, so all I have done is put the device ID as the DevEUI and then activated the device with a magnet.

TTN console says device has never been seen.


you have a gateway (in range)

(Arjan) #3

Those are not the same thing; the device ID is just a human readable text you can pick yourself. Also, for OTAA, the device and TTN Console need the same settings for AppEUI, (secret) AppKey and DevEUI.

See Registration of node with pre-configured LoRaWAN keys.


how did you succeeded on this?
The pulse we have do not have usb for config (may be old version), and I just got dev_eui. Do you know default APP_KEY and APP_EUI for these devices? I’m stuck of missing information (as usual) so to all LoRaWAN device providers would it be complicated to give us the information we need to get things working ?:

  • print or tell us APP_EUI, DEV_EUI, APP_KEY inside the device ?
  • tell us how to change them if they’re blank ?

It should take less than 5 minutes to add a device and each time I spend my time trying to find documentation and ID.