Anyone using NetOP Magnetometer LR IP65

Has anyone used any LoRa devices from NetOP? I have 4 magnetometers and only one will connect to my ttn presence and won’t come online. There is very minimal documentation, ok none, provided so I’m at a loss.

The error I get is “failed to register device, permission denied: Broker did not set device: permission denied: NetworkServer did not set device: permission denied: No “devices” rights to Application XXXX”

Typically I’ve seen devices from the same manufacturer usually has the same APP EUI but each of these seems to have it’s own unique EUI which is suspect.

The “XXXX” might give you a clue: does that refer to your own application, or to something unknown? Could the devices have been used by others?

Why is seeing unique AppEUIs suspect? Are those 4 different, or not? (“Seems” is just a bit too vague for troubleshooting, though I assume you mean those 4 are different and, of course, you don’t know about any other devices.) Do they look like true AppEUIs (which might look random, though they are not, but certainly should be a bit complex)? Getting any clue from (Only the AppKey is secret.)

What does that mean exactly? How did you register the devices? Did you select the proper AppEUI in the device settings (after you first added that to the application)? And also set both DevEUI and AppKey? What do you see in the gateway’s Traffic page, the device’s Data page, and the device’s Status?

Turns out they were still provisioned on the manufacturers account so they cleared that and I was able to add them.

For the AppEUI, for instance the Dragino LHT65 uses A000000000000100 for their AppEUI across ALL their LHT65 devices, which is what I’m used to seeing. In the case of these magnetometers, each has a unique appEUI like aa4e5450100005e8. The addresses are valid from the lookup site you suggested.

Won’t come online - the sensors added to TTN successfully but their status says Never Seen. I’ve had Elsys CO2 sensors I’ve had to send a “hello” message to via NFC in order for them to reboot and start looking for a gateway to join but haven’t seen these make any attempts at joining.

Turns out it was a lack of documentation on the manufacturers part and a lack of patience on mine. I’ve since been able to power cycle the devices and get them to connect to TTN successfully. Thank you for your time Arjan :slight_smile:

Can you share the magic so future users don’t need to retrace your steps?

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as of right now it’s contact the manufacturer and have them release the ids from their TTN account :frowning:


Protip for manufacturers reading this: please use a descriptive application id if you feel the need to register devices to TTN for some testing. Things like oops-contact-support-at-netop-dot-io come to mind! You’ve got 36 characters to be creative! :wink: