Application created on mobile disappeared

I created an Application and added a device to it. There were issues with the device having been previously used on a test account so I worked through all of that at the manufacturer’s location. I could see the device and data on my mobile device, but when I returned to my office, that application (and device) weren’t on my account. I went to log back in on my mobile device, but they are gone from it as well.

If I try to add that device to a new application it says I don’t have permission.

How do I get my application/device back?

@BoRRoZ - any suggestions?

what I can say is that you can’t register a device with exact the same name more then once… even after you’ve deleted the device first … that ‘old’ name is still ‘occupied’
try changing the name and re register

My collaborator still had access and had deleted me for some reason - I’m back in business!
Thanks for the help

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