Application Manager API questions

I have started to deploy Dragino LHT65 sensors and the first 50 or so have been deployed manually via Console. I have opted to keep the EUIs from Dragino, as it simplifies documentation and didn’t require me to right any code to re-program the devices. However, very tedious to enter all those hex manually, so I am working to automate that, and intend to use tools that I know, i.e. Java and HTTPS Rest API.

But there seems to be some shortcomings in the Application Management API. Not sure if it is missing (or I can’t find it) documentation or truly not available;

  1. Although “Register Application” is available, I can’t find info on how the application is created (ttnctl applications add). I can live without this and create via Console…

  2. It doesn’t seem to be possible to add AppEUIs to an Application.

  3. At, the response is probably erroneous and “devices” should return an array of device objects, not a single device…Or? (I haven’t gotten this far in my actual code yet.)