Arduino Pro Mini + Lmic+OTAA with Multi Channel Gateway

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i understand, is there any way to test my device working correctly?


without to be sure that a (TTN !) gateway is within range, is listening and forward your data So you can see in your console’s application tab, that your node is actually transmitting and trying to join the network (yellow thunder) … no that will be difficult.

beside the question of a gateway in range, there could be all kinds of other little 'problems.

be it mechanical … like the antenna.
or electrical… like wrong connections.
or wrong keys in your software setup and application

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hi, today i have tested my node (Adruino mini +Hope RF95 + limc)
node works good when its still on one place , and stops sending packets to console when i start moving with this node device in my room.

What is this kind of problem???
any one help?

Packets getting lost on the TTN Console (or LoRa Gateway)

can you show some packets received by your gateway / application ?

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i have interval of 6m


I mean with the metadata visible (click on one of the blue arrows pointing upwards)
do you have your own gateway now ?

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i dont have my own gateway its one somebody else gateway that my device of connected.

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this is metadata


OK so you are transmitting with SF7 and that gateway is receiving your weak signal of RSSi -120 / SNR -5.

Then it’s indeed possible, that when you are moving the node (for example to the other side of a room) the signal gets to weak for the gateway.

several things to try first:

  • get the node to a higher point
  • get a better antenna on the node
  • increase the Spreading Factor from 7 to 8/9
  • get a gateway yourself

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thanks for your advise could you please also advise me a way to use my RF95 modem with full strength
if possible what is the coding ,


but what type of data are you transmitting and is your node always moving or just now for testing ?

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need to TX longi and Lati and speed on ground from GPS sensor/
this is a position tracker device (Always moving on roads)


but now you’re focussing on one gateway, you should test the node and drive around.
have you any idea how far that receiving gateway is from your location ?

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its about 500meter approx.

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what happens bad to RF95 if i set its TX power to 20?


this is a nice LAB story

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yes its the same story , they used a simple wire instead of RF antenna