Arduino Uno and Dragino Shield v1.4

Dear Community,

I have a dragino shield v1.4 and Arduino Uno. I have been seeking for a solution to operate this end device on the class C mode. Has anyone tried this mode or maybe dragino does not operate in this mode?

Thank you

The Dragino shield should be able to run class C with the appropriate LoRaWAN stack on the Arduino.
Running a class C stack on an Uno might be a challenge due to the limited memory available. Class A is already a squeeze.

As TTN does not currently support class C, that’s a bit off topic here…

You may want to seek resources from the manufacturer of the board, or even whatever network server that does support class C you were planning to use.

In general, an ATmega328 is not a good solution, you’d have more luck stacking the board on a more capable Arduino-like host.

Thank you very much for your responses. I guess I’ll have to consider other devices with more resources.